Photobook USB is an ongoing project that explores film photography in virtual galleries and other experimental settings. Centered around quick permutations and agile workflows, Photobook USB welcomes planned photoshoots alongside the casual and spontaneous. Series installments are sold on limited release compilation USB drives on the Augury House shop. Additionally, one free Photobook project is offered for free download each month. These free projects will gradually rotate through all current and future installments of the Photobook USB project. All photographs were developed and scanned in-house.


Each USB is home to three rolls of film photo presented in a variety of outcomes including virtual galleries, virtual photobooks, and the original image scans presented in chronological order. This is a collaborative project with a wide scope in terms of subject matter and presentation. Occasionally, a special-run print and/or zine will accompany the Photobook USB. Portions of this project can also be found within “The Augury House” game which is free on Steam.