Irene.House is a creative exhibition featuring the sculptor Irene June. Based on a series of candid conversations with June, Irene.House is an investigation of June’s relationship to ancestry, home, and play. 


Stemming from Kevin Yatsu’s MFA thesis, Irene.House began as a video project with a print component that would feature a curated cohort of Asian-American artists. As the project kicked off, the scope of the thesis changed towards making deep dive into Irene June and their creative practice. Towards the final months of Yatsu’s MFA, the project transitioned from video into Unreal Engine for greater flexibility in experimenting with new ideas and forms. This project culminated at the end of 2021 with an IRL exhibition at the LaVerne Krause Gallery in Eugene, OR. A replica of this exhibition can be found within the Irene.House game on Steam. 


Augury House Team

Kayla Lockwood   Binh Nguyen  
John “El Segundo” Wong   Kevin Yatsu 


Irene June