Auguries are deep earth beings whose life begins in sealed caves known as Birthing Chambers. During the final growth stages of an Augury, the Augury's Birthing Chamber becomes something known as the EVER ROOM. During this critical moment, an ephemeral microphone appears by which the new Augury is to announce the NEVER/FOREVER values that they will carry for the rest of their life. The ephemeral microphone then broadcasts to a Confirmation Room where the announcements are witnessed and confirmed by a small committee of Auguries.

In the 2010s, a strange and miraculous phenomena began occurring on a global scale. The same type of Ever Room microphone began to appear sporadically on the Earth's surface. These microphones are distinguished by their long cord that leads to someplace deep underground. THE EVER ROOM project documents human interactions with the ephemeral microphones.


Building upon the SHRINES project, “The Ever Room” is a short web-series aimed at being an intuitive outlet to expand the Augury House lore while improving our video capabilities. By using the Ever Room microphone as a light prompt, this project is open and receptive to collaborations and new ideas and interpretations. This project uses live-action footage along with scenes made in Unreal Engine.


Augury House Team

Henry Bort   Kayla Lockwood   
Binh Nguyen  Kevin Yatsu