“The Augury House” is the virtual headquarters of the Augury House collective. The game is structured to support a wide range of short collaborations, narratives, and strange happenings. This project currently features a monthly rotating virtual art gallery.


This project is based around short and easy collaborations for quicker turnarounds and greater flexibility regarding the scheduling and planning of projects. “The Augury House” is informed by Pu Songling’s Strange Tales and Julie Perini’s writings on Relational Filmmaking and we use fantasy as a radical tool to sympathetically incorporate a diverse range of creative voices. The endpoint of “The Augury House” is determined by when the project’s file size reaches point of being unreasonably large. By focusing on steady accumulations, forming connections, and keeping the door open for new ideas, we plan on launching a new house-type project once “The Augury House” reaches its point of critical mass.


Augury House Team

Kayla Lockwood   Binh Nguyen
John “El Segundo” Wong    Kevin Yatsu   


Alexander Brunkhorst
Devon DeVaughn
Tannon Reckling
Sarah Tran
Clara Wolff
Will Zeng