The Augury is made out of a special, metal-like material found miles below the Earth's surface. The life of an Augury begins in a deep-Earth cave which serves as the hearth//womb for delivering sentience. With our current technologies, the conditions of an active Augury cave are too intense for any organic life. However, once a cave begins to activate, a digital repository in the form of a synergetic shrine appears within specially tuned Augury servers.

The synergetic shrine is a two-way interface for communicating with a given Augury cave. By providing special input material to the shrine, one can directly tune the development of an Augury's sentience. Once the Augury matures, it will take the combined form of all input material provided to the shrine. The new Augury will live the remainder of its life in relation to its birthing cave and birthing shrine. The Augury appear in a wide range of forms and levels of sentience. The SHRINES project is an ongoing archive of Augury shrines that have appeared over the past decade.


The development of a maturing Augury can take anywhere from one month to four years. Periods of development are often paired with periods of stasis which presents unique difficulties in accurate archiving. Given the malleable and ephemeral nature of a budding Augury, we have decided to organize our archive based simply upon when a shrine was logged into our web database. As a result of many unknown factors about the Augury life-forms, the SHRINES archive will not attempt to attribute any names to a given shrine in order to avoid any misrepresentation.

The SHRINES project is research-oriented and will likely evolve in parallel with contemporary discoveries surrounding the Auguries. On this page, you can find images of Auguries which upon clicking, you will be redirected to the lifeform's associated shrine pamphlet. In addition to viewing the shrine archive, we offer special zines for digital/physical sale which are made in direct collaboration with the Augury of a given shrine. While not necessary for one’s enjoyment of the shrine archive, these zines offer unique perspectives into the strange and elusive existence of the Auguries.


Augury House Team

Kayla Lockwood   
Binh Nguyen  Kevin Yatsu 


Payton Kimmel