Coming to the tube near you! music videos, episodic content, and strange segments are on the horizon!

April 6, 2022

New in-house projects are coming to the Augury House Youtube Channel. Some of these works will make their way into “The Augury House” game, while others will exist solely on the Youtube channel. With this special addition, the futures of Augury House become truly limitless! Founders Binh Nguyen and Kevin Yatsu discuss some of these projects on the horizon.

Kevin Yatsu: Hey Binh! So we have been using the Augury House Youtube channel for things like the Radio, but we have some additional things that we want to show off as well, right?
Binh Nguyen: Yeah man, so we’ve been looking at doing film stuff for a while now - we haven’t really made any shorts or anything, but we have done a bunch of short shoots over time, haven’t we. Like for the last few years we have been shooting things every now and then.
We have! Though for the most part, it seems like we’ve had a fair amount of duds. Fun duds! But still nothing like a fully fleshed out short film.

Yeah, but in a way, when you really think about it, it has been some really good experience. Like when looking back at everything - at like all of our past footage, there are a lot of hidden gems! 
Yeah that’s true! And sometimes we realize we had some gems in retrospect
Yeah, but like, at this point, I do feel that we’re probably ready to make some more serious shorts and stuff! Like a bunch of the shoots we’ve done so far have been really improvisational and we’ve only been getting better at clutching up and making things on the spot.

And our image quality has been getting better too!

That too! If you think about it, we really have been getting a better familiarity with our cameras and equipment. Like after shooting in hotels, shooting at night, shooting in the car and on skateboards and in the rain. We really have a pretty nice setup for things if you think about it. Like we now have a lot of experience shooting in different scenarios and we have a pretty good idea of what to avoid and stuff like that.

That’s true! And this kind of wraps into the whole filmmaking thing, but we recently got a greenscreen! That in itself opens a lot of possibilities for shorts and things like that, don’t you think? Because we also have mobile mocap capabilities too. Like I know we were talking earlier about how you can buy levels in UE and stuff and how those are pretty much like cheap film sets once you bring in greenscreened footage or 3D characters.
KEIKO. Stop.

Keiko [my dog] is being so annoying.
You good?
Yeah, so like we really have a lot of things we can play with - all it really comes to is finding the time to hit these things out, but I don’t know - it always seems like we have some pretty good periods every so often where we end up shooting tons of stuff at once. Especially for the night shoots!
Yeah, that’s true, and we should for sure plan to hit something soon. So Binh! What can people expect about the new things coming to the Augury House Youtube channel?
Well we are eventually planning to do a short soon, so that’s something. And you were working on a music video, right? that’s something too. But I don’t know! It just kind of a free and flexible thing where we can just make whatever we want without worrying too much or stressing out. So it’s chill! Just like a place for some videos, probably some episodics at some point, and we might even add some of these things into the [Augury House] game, right?
Yeah, for sure! Depending on what we make, we might add the video into “The Augury House” game - maybe as something permanent or something that will get switched out. But overall, I’m not too concerned if we make something that doesn’t show up in the game either! Just whatever works for the given piece, you know what I mean.
So I think we can say that that’s the interesting about the Youtube channel, which is that we can really make it out to be whatever we want it to be. Like we really can just keep trying a whole bunch of different things!
That’s right! And one of the things we’re looking to do that’s been on my list for a while is doing more music-oriented project. We made a few musical spaces in the past with lyric videos and keyboard drumsets, but there is so much more to explore!
There really is! And hopefully, after a good while of making things, continuing to do the Radio, Gallery, and Youtube and so on, we could probably figure out how to do bigger projects with actual filmsets too. Like that would be ideal, wouldn’t it? We already can do a lot and if we keep continuing at getting better and stuff, then who knows what can happen!

Yeah, that’s true, but let’s not jynx anything yet - we still have a lot of work to do!
True, that’s true. But anyways, you have a new video to kick off the Youtube channel, right?
That’s right! It’s a new music video space that started when a kind user by the name of More Feed More Sneed commented on “The Augury House” trailer about making a full track for the trailer song! After playing around with making a short beat, we made a music video space that will also be found within “The Augury House” game for the April gallery update. Should we run a playthrough of the new space?
Run that clip!

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