June 5, 2022

Written by Kevin Yatsu

I’m usually on discord in the evenings into the night and one thing that is quite impressive is the discord noise cancellation. It works very well!! I’ve had times when I was sick and coughing into the mic and apparently it didn’t pick up much. I’ve noticed I could even crunch on chips right in front of the mic and my mic wouldn’t register at all. It’s not like the old days where audio calls meant hearing everything that was going on in the other person’s living room. As a whole, this noise cancellation feature has been a really great quality of life feature where the less audio traffic lets me quietly listen to music and talk to a friend while being able to actually enjoy the music from time to time. The fact that the noise cancellation works automatically is also a cool thing too in that I don’t have to think about toggling on or off my mic, because that was something I had to do in past setups (and playing some games). However!!!! This new technology comes with one unfortunate thing: it silences laughter!! Idk, I’ve just felt that when playing games with Binh there have been really funny moments where we’re both obviously laughing, but the line is mostly silent except for a few interjected HYUKS. And then its like you have to go like brooooo or that was funny right or something to let it be known that laughter had happened. Or its just like the volume of laughter vs what actually makes it through the noise cancellation is kind of like this:


discord -

But whatever its kind of a low priority thing its not anything i’d submit a support ticket to or actually complain about but it would be i guess a subject for a blog BECAUSE I KEEP FORGETTING TO DO THESE BLOG THINGS, but it’s just an observation, nothing really serious (like this blog). But yeah, ideally it would be cool if the AI behind the noise cancellation had a way to NOT filter laughter and even better yet, the compression should get removed when laughing so everyone in the call can feel the full intensity of the raw emotion of joy like a cupped slap against the ear. I feel like that would be a good thing somehow. At least, things would be funnier. By the way, the picture of this blog was a screenshot on my phone - I was looking for a funny picture, and that was the best I could do. I think i took the screenshot because the video associated was kinda funny. It was just something i saw scrolling instagram. The video itself wasn’t that funny, it was mostly just this specific frame. It was the last frame of the video. I like it. the composition. the tension. the stance.