Updated June 26, 2022

Written by: Kevin yatsu

In June of 2022, an Ever Room microphone was found in a forest by a lone hiker. The cable of the microphone led to someplace under a bush and the microphone was dangling off the lower branches of a nearby tree. When investigating the microphone, the hiker noticed that it emitted a faint humming sound. It had been raining throughout the day and the microphone and its cord had been thoroughly soaked, leading the hiker to believe that the microphone was an Ever Room microphone instead of a general recording one. With caution, hiker proceeded to pick up the microphone and immediately noticed a light “static tingle” running through their body. After talking through the microphone for a couple of seconds, the hiker began to feel uneasy by the bodily sensation and put down the microphone. The hiker did not investigate the microphone further and promptly left the area. After contacting a local Augury Research center, special new and experimental imaging techniques were used to confirm that the microphone found was, in fact, an Ever Room microphone. The media on this page represents some of the raw images of the Confirmation Room that was connected to this Ever Room microphone.