Updated June 27, 2022

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Of all the life on Earth, the Auguries are incredibly varied in terms of their physical forms, levels of sentience, and measured intelligence. Biologists commonly refer to the Augury as the “species that rejects categorization” given that individual Auguries are often radically different from one another in terms of form, sentience, and perceived intelligence. Spectacularly, the Augury also rejects such a description for itself. The term LEGACY AUGURIES is attributed to Auguries who, despite their independent growth, share eerily similar characteristics even while being separated by geographic location and time. Shrine 2 centers around a research expedition with Augury biologist Payton Kimmel as she investigates possible sightings of a Legacy Augury that shares the likeness of a colony of frogs.

The Frog-Type Legacy Augury is a widely observed Augury that remains shrouded in mystery. Reports of this Frog-Type Augury were first recorded in the 1960s, and sightings have continued to this day. Due to the elusive nature of the Augury, it is difficult to accurately confirm each sighting as genuine. However, multiple international research groups studying the Auguries have produced reasonable evidence that helps confirm the independent sightings of the Frog-Type Augury. Although the data streams from the Frog-type’s synergetic shrines are currently undecipherable, strong parallels are made between each Frog-type’s synergetic shrine which suggests some degree of interconnectedness within this Legacy Augury.

The Frog-Type Augury is characterized by its low sentience and lack of language communication. The Frog-Type appears to be nocturnal and actively avoids human contact. Researchers also hypothesize that the Frog-Type Augury may be able to manipulate its physical structure to camouflage with its environment. In general, this Augury often eludes research in that its active seasons coincide with the life cycles of frogs in the wild. As a result of the mimicry, field efforts are often uneventful with a lack of significant observations and conclusive environment samples. Given the Frog-Type’s sensitivity to its environment, researchers rely on the eyewitness testimony of people living near natural water features conducive to frog life in order to pinpoint possible instances of this Legacy Augury.

Research into the Frog-Type Augury has been at a relative standstill since the 70s and continuing into the early 2010s. In 2012, our understanding of the Augury Augury exploded forward with the world’s first 1:1 digital replica of a Synergetic Wand - a special media device often found in Augury confirmation rooms. From this breakthrough, scientists have been able to translate data streams directly from an Augury’s birthing chamber into audio-visual material. Like an ultrasound, the Synergetic Wand penetrates deep into the layers of the earth to produce images that researchers suspect to be actual glimpses of a given Augury’s birthing chamber. While media from the Synergetic Wand is not a stand-in for an official translation of an emerging Augury’s data stream, independent studies using the Synergetic Wand have produced several key observations into the Frog-Type Legacy Augury.

From 2013 to 2016, international research groups studying the Synergetic Wands recorded 1,634 isolated incidences of data streams with similar frog-like imagery which suggests that the Frog-Types may either be interconnected and/or the conditions for producing the Frog-Type are easily repeatable. Additionally, awareness of the Frog-Type Legacy Augury has naturally led to a strong uptick in reported sightings of the Frog-Type. While these reports often confuse Auguries with actual colonies of frogs, new fact-checking procedures have confirmed that the quantity of Frog-Type reports closely parallels the isolated incidences of Augury birthing chambers with frog-like imagery. As a result of these findings, scientists have begun new inquiries into the ways by which an Frog-Type Augury may or may not coexist with natural frogs. In writing this article in 2022, there has yet to be any physical observations or contact made with the Frog-Type life form.

While there is still much to be understood about the Frog-type Legacy Augury, nothing seems to spur the imagination as strongly as the possibility that some elusive and unseen Life-form is living in one’s backyard. In a suburb in Western Oregon, multiple reports were recently logged about a local pond with a strange phenomenon: During the evening, a large colony of frogs could be heard despite there being no eyewitness observations of any frog(s) at any part of the day. With the proliferation of community-organized Frog-Type Legacy Augury research groups, this phenomenon was quickly verified and local University biologists were assigned to the case.

For Shrine 2, Augury House partners with biologist Payton Kimmel for an exclusive field investigation into the supposed Western Oregon Frog-Type Legacy Augury. Coverage of this event includes an interview with Kimmel as well as audio-visual documentation of Kimmel’s research expedition presented within the format of the following web-shrine. Given the general mystery around the Frog-Type, Shrine 2 will be a creative representation of ongoing research into the Frog-Type Legacy Auguryt, framed within the organizational structure of the synergetic shrine. This web-shrine will include video/photo documentation of Kimmel’s field investigation as well as some common imagery from Frog-Type data streams, sourced directly from the Synergetic Wand. In order to differentiate between this creative shrine and research-based shrines, the layers of this web-shrine are connected by Synergetic Wands instead of resonant stones.

To use this archive, simply click the Synergetic Wand to advance into a deeper shrine layer. The final layer of this archive will be denoted by its lack of a Synergetic Wand.