Dining Out While Dining In - A Look Inside the Augury House Restaurant

April 5, 2022

Over the past two years, the American dining experience underwent a series of unprecedented changes from QR code menus to vaccination cards and dining room distancing. As we stay viligant in maintaining high standards for cleanliness and health, the more we separate from the old, carefree days of packed diners and toddlers crawling under tables (for better or for worse). The Augury House Restaurant is a virtual experience for those looking to relax, socialize, and enjoy their dinner while staying at home.

The Augury House Restaurant is an audio-driven interactive livestreamed experience that airs every Thursday from 5pm to 6pm PST. At this restaurant, special chat commands trigger live audio within the restaurant's space. As the evening progresses, we move through several distinct scenes which are accompanied by new chat commands and audio snippets. These scenes include: food ordering scene, kitchen scene, dining scene, and a special performance scene.

Currently, the Augury House Restaurant is still in its early stages - the foundation for the project is set and all that's left is to explore the many possibilities the restaurant could evolve! Under the hood, the Augury House Restaurant has a modular structure that can easily incorporate new scenes, cameras, and sounds. At its current state, the Restaurant is home to over 200 unique audio samples and the chat interactivity is powered by Kayla Lockwood's "Virtually There" source code.

Augury House invites you to come visit our Restaurant Livestreams! During these livestreams, some of the Augury House developers will be hanging out in the AH Community Discord server where you can come chat and enjoy your meal with us. In the future, we plan on adding rotating menus, collaborating with actual restaurants, and incorporating new live action scenes for special conversations and performances.

If you're interested in taking part in the development of the Restaurant, come join our Community Discord server where you can suggest new menu items and submit your own audio to the Restaurant's ecosystem.

Hope to see you around!