Airwaves done Three WAys: A podcast exploring the past, present, and the many futures of augury house

April 6, 2022

Augury House was founded on the pillars of open experimentation, wide collaborations, and creative community building. Tune in to the Augury House Radio for exclusive insights into our workflow, sneak peeks of works that may or may not be officially released, as well as occasional conversations with our collaborators. 

The Augury House Radio is a podcast aimed to support and give depth to the Augury House ecosystem. The podcast has a light three-part structure consisting of a rambling, improvised intro, a conversation, and a quick presentation of some of our works. Led by Kevin Yatsu and Binh Nguyen, the Radio is aimed to be a malleable program that can support a wide range of new ideas and conversations. In many ways, the Radio truly holds the spirit of the Augury House collective in regard to its experimentation, flexible form, and its playful approach!

This year, we hope to start producing narrative video content and the Radio plays a big role in helping us get there. While our projects develop, we plan on using the Radio as an outlet for early video tests as we build on-screen confidence along the way. We also hope to have more guests on the show for general conversations with friends and creatives we're fans of!

One of the most exciting things about the Augury House Radio is that you are invited on the show as well! Recently, a new "send a message" program has been implemented into the intro of the Radio. For this, you are invited to submit pre-recorded questions/musings/messages that the Augury House character will answer during the beginning of the show. Your message can be a topic of your choosing (silly or serious), though the Augury House collective reserves the right to air or not air a given message. Depending on the length and topic of the message, a given message might not be aired in its entirety. Please send your message to