These open calls are early-stage opportunities run by a small staff. We appreciate the patience as we continually improve our open call and collaborations workflows. For more information on these open calls you can contact us anytime at

The Augury House Gallery is a digital exhibition space within the collective’s virtual headquarters which can be accessed for free on Steam. We’re accepting proposals for group and solo exhibitions on a rolling basis.

Mediums include photo, video, audio, 3D and photoscanned objects and we accept works of any age in both finished and unfinished forms. Upon acceptance of your proposal, AUGURY HOUSE will work with you to support the production of your exhibition drawing from our entire library of assets and effects. 

Creatives of all experience levels are encouraged to apply. 

Photobook USB is an ongoing episodic project that explores film photography in virtual galleries and unexpected spaces. In this project, a single roll of film is presented in a range of outcomes ranging from an unedited sequential viewing, an in-game book, virtual galleries, and a creative section within the project’s manual. 

Got a roll of film you’d like to submit? We’re accepting submissions for scanned film photos to be included in upcoming iterations of this project. Upon acceptance of your work, AUGURY HOUSE will work in close collaboration with you to build presentations and new gallery spaces for your photos. There will also be an option to develop the presentations on a casual livestream. 

Creatives of all experience levels are encouraged to apply. If you are in the Portland, OR area and would like to participate in this work but don’t have access to film photography equipment, please contact us at