Gallery Archive

Updated November 26, 2022

The Augury House Gallery is a monthly rotating virtual exhibition located within the game, “The Augury House”. The Gallery is open to all creatives and we accept works in video, audio, image, text, and 3D in both finished and unfinished forms. In lieu of wall text, each exhibiting artist is reserved a spread within “The Augury House” Manual. Interested in putting some of your own works into the Gallery? Please fill out this form and we will get back to you soon!

Gallery 1: February 2022

Devon DeVaughn: Personal, Instagram
Tannon Reckling: Instagram
Will Zeng: Personal, Instagram

Gallery 2: March 2022

Alexander Brunkhorst: Instagram
Sarah Tran: Instagram
Clara Wolff: Personal, Instagram

Gallery 3: April 2022

juju: Instagram
Binh Nguyen: Instagram
Offis: Soundcloud

Gallery 4: May 2022

During the months of May and June, Augury attendants have
been hard at work in adding new renovations to the gallery space.
Throughout this period, the doors to the Augury House Gallery have
been kept open to give a unique glimpse into the behind-the-scenes
processes behind your favorite virtual exhibitions. 

Gallery 5: August 2022

Kayla Lockwood: WebsiteInstagram
Binh Nguyen: Instagram
Kevin Yatsu: Website, Instagram

Gallery 6: September 2022

For the Month of September, the Augury House Gallery will feature works from an upcoming project called “Photobook USB”. This project explores film photography in virtual galleries and other unexpected spaces. “Photobook USB” will release as a USB drive compilation on the Augury House webstore.

Gallery 7: October 2022

For the Month of October, the Augury House Gallery teases an upcoming project called ENSEMBLE PIECE!. ENSEMBLE PIECE! is an interactive video project that uses custom conductive objects to trigger live events within the projected video. We are looking to build this project through interactive livestreams, workshops, and a new playable exhibition for release before the end of 2023.

Gallery 8: November 2022

For the Month of November, the Augury House Gallery teases an upcoming production channel called AUGURY HOUSE DISTRIBUTION. This new channel will be for the production and release of specially-made new media and film projects that exist independently from the core Augury House programming. The inagural AUGURY HOUSE DISTRIBUTION release will feature Kevin Yatsu’s new media project called POND AND SCUM which mines personal histories through landscape contemplation and research.