July, 2022

Augury House has always revolved around collaboration and the unrestricted exploration of creative ideas. With these core values as a nucleus, the structure and language behind our projects have seen multiple permutations over the last year and a half. Recently, our vision for an interdisciplinary creative ecosystem began to solidify with the addition of a new studio space and new projects.

The idea for the Augury House collective came partway into the development for the “Irene.House” project. Given the large amount of evening/night scenes in “Irene.House”, the first working statement for Augury House was

“Augury House is a collective that makes games that are meant to be played at night”.

During the development of “Irene.House”, a handful of small virtual experiences were made ranging from audio-only levels, a musical lazy river, and a game based around photos from a family vacation to the coast. These experiments would lead to our first sellable product - a USB drive with a compilation of a curated selection of these short experiments. After the completion of “Irene.House”, we began working on the first version of “The Augury House” game as well as the livestreamed Restaurant project. At this point, lore/narrative was an afterthought, though the gold textured head was introduced around this time.

After launching “The Augury House” and the Restaurant, we looked to kick off the virtual gallery within “The Augury House” to gauge the interest surrounding our project as well as to refine our workflow for collaborations. In the months that followed, we hit a consistent production rhythm between working on the gallery and starting the Augury House Radio. During this period, we completely revised our website to be more functional and also added a section for web articles and more informal blog posts.

Most recently, we opened a new studio space for film photography development and video productions. At the same time, we’ve developed three new projects that provide a light and flexible lore to our creative ecosystem. Informed by East-Asian folklore, the Augury House lore merges the technological with the natural in the shape of Augury Life-forms - a mysterious and ephemeral species of seemingly endless variety. Overall, these three projects cover web-collages, print/digital zines, filmmaking and music production. Each of these projects have quick timelines and will periodically appear within “The Augury House” game. The home pages for these projects can be found here (Top - Shrines, Left - The Ever Room, Right - Sleep Concert):

The Ever Room
Sleep Concert

Internally, we’ve recently set new workflows for remote video editing and screenwriting. We also have a handful of new projects on the horizon which includes new USB releases, a full-body motion capture performance, and a short film. As it is right now, our creative ecosystem has outlets for rapid and experimental works as well as fleshed out and longer-term projects. Through the constant refining of our process, we hope to stress test our creative ecosystem over the next coming months.