MAY 27, 2023

The AUGURY HOUSE (HOUSE) PARTY was a laidback and fun gathering between the AUGURY HOUSE team and friends. Utilizing a new livestreaming setup, the event featured two set locations - one for hanging out, and the other for interviews within an Unreal Engine-powered environment. With production quality hdmi switchers, 6k cameras and a couple hundered feet of ethernet cable, the evening turned out to be a fun success!

A lot has went on during the last couple months in the form of new opportunities, exhibitions, networking, and meeting new friends! In that time, our AUGURY HOUSE team nearly doubled and with that, not everyone had the chance to meet one another! This hangout was a great way for the team to get to know each other better as individuals as well as creatives. During our time together, a lot was talked about ranging from career goals and aspirations, past time interests, and Myers-Briggs tests!

During the barbecue, we took a lot of images on film!! The picture on the left is not one of those. The film images are still in development and will be released when we get to them :)

During the barbecue, it got really smokey for a little moment! As the wind was blowing the smoke towards the tables, Carolyn and Carissa took alternating shifts at fanning the barbecue smoke with a pillow. The chicken turned out to be perfectly done with a crispy exterior and very tender and juicy meat. Too bad Kevin, Carissa and Binh had burritos before the livestream as they were setting up - they came into the barbecue partly full!

After eating, we headed upstairs to Kevin’s room for the interviews! There was a lot of tech in the room so the setting itself was sort of a cable hell. Binh and Kevin even had to go out for a quick run hours before starting to pick up a handful of new cables that we were missing! As a whole, the interviews were super laid back that we didn’t really discuss what would be said and what would be talked about - it was all very on the whim and Izzy did a great job to facilitate the conversations and create a fun atmosphere in the room!

With this setup, there were two cameras in a close up of each interview guest. Since the room was small, we were limited in the camera angles we could pull off which is why we didn’t opt or a wider shot with both participants. Because of this, we had a smaller HDMI switcher in the room where someone had to manually change the program feed between either camera, depending on whoever was talking. That program feed was then sent over the network to the bigger HDMI switcher which was then outputted to youtube! It was a lot of fun trying to listen closely to a conversation and to make the cut when needed. It is surprisingly difficult as well! Here are how the interviews came out:

Izzy interviews Alexis

Alexis’s Links:

Alexis interviews Izzy

Izzy’s Links:

Izzy interviews Carissa

Carissa’s Links

Izzy Interviews Kayla

Kayla’s Links:

After the interviews were finished, Carissa introduced a brand new project called Hei Tu! This upcoming feature film will be AUGURY HOUSE’s first venture as a film production house and we are so excited to tease this project during our first major livestream. More teasers are coming soon for Hei Tu!

After the teaser trailer, it was getting close to time to wrap up and Binh said the final goodbye and cued his dad to end the stream. We were right on time as predicted via our schedule and we even ended our breakdown 20 minutes early! All in all, it was a very successful livestream - especially for it being the first run of using all the tech at the same time. Finally, here are the links of everyone we hung out with. Stay in touch with us!

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